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28 Annual Brittany Gathering-COVID-19 Announcement


August 19, 2020

With respect to the onset of the second wave of the COVID-19 coronavirus our community is taking mass gatherings very seriously; we are continually educating ourselves on the rules, regulations and restrictions of social distancing and all that relates to COVID-19; as we continue forth with our winter gathering events we as a community hold each other responsible for enforcing all restrictions and model our teachings and communication as thorough as possible.

BRITTANY GATHERING 2020 We apologize in advance but due to the COVID-19 restrictions we will keep this Gathering to Xeni Gwet’in Community Members ONLY. OFF-RESERVE MEMBERS (Williams Lake & surrounding area) Please contact Dalton Baptiste if you would like to attend We will attempt to keep the attendance numbers low SECURITY ON-SITE Campsites will be monitored by the TN/Xeni Rangers on daily basis Sign in will be required COVID-19 Information Packages & Gathering Agenda will be handed out MEAL TIMES Masks will be mandatory during this set time People will be asked to go in family-units to pick up their food These announcements will be made over the P.A. continuosly throughout the day ACTIVITIES Sanitation stations will be set up for/at each event and at all restrooms. COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS AND PRACTICES WILL BE IN EFFECT (handout is posted) We ask all members in attendance to cooperate for the safety of our elders, children and community as a whole. XGE GAS BAR & LAUNDRY Due to shortage of gas attendants ~ the Gas Bar & Laundry will be CLOSED this weekend (August 22 & 23) It will RE-OPEN on Monday August 24. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact Chief, Council or any one of the Managers if you require further information or have any questions. Please free to share this posting with all Xeni Gwet'in members. Sechanalyagh for your attention and cooperation.

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