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Seasonal Events

Xeni Gwet'in host several annual events to support community well-being and cultural practice. Our community events reflect Xeni Gwet'in tradition that has been practiced and handed down by generation. 

Please see below for a list of our annual events:

Tiŝel ʔIza (January) The month of the golden eagle

Winter fest: To promote healthy outdoor activity in the community during the winter months

  • Outdoor skating and hockey, horse drawn sled rides, community dinner

Baby Naming Ceremony: To promote cultural revitalization of traditional naming

  • Open to community members, naming ceremony, and community dinner

Benen Ses ʔElhtsish (February) The month the bears have their cubs

Benen ʔEghutelog (March) The month the snow melts

Benen Neʔedɨlh (April) The month the birds come back

Benen Gwets'enedzɨsh (May) The planting month

Naghtanaqed School Cultural Week: To promote parent and community cultural involvement with the youth and school kids. 

  • A week long event hosted by Naghtanaqed school that includes a week full of cultural and traditional activities as part of the school curriculum 

Daltsi Za (June) The month of the red mouth sucker

Xeni Gwet'in Wagon Trip to Williams Lake Stampede: To encourage the revitalization of strong horsemanship in Xeni Gwet'in culture and tradition

  • Annual week long horse back riding trip from Xeni Gwet'in to Williams lake for the Williams Lake stampede

  • Horse drawn wagons and camping 

Jaŝ Sa (July) The month of the spring salmon

Elders Gathering: To celebrate and honor our community elders and provide inter-generational and family oriented activities to ensure culture and traditional practices are handed down from one generation to the next

  • 2-3 day camping event at Henry's crossing includes cultural events, activities, and community dinner


Ts'eman Za (August) The month of the sockeye salmon

Xeni Gwet'in Gymkhana and Mountain Race: To encourage healthy outdoor spring-fall horsemanship activities in the community

  • Gymkhana event with monies added to each event: barrel racing, pole bending, scurry race, potato race, keyhole, and flat race 

  • Annual XG mountain race with monies added

TNG Nations Gathering: See Tsilhqot'in National Government website for more info

Brittany Gathering: To celebrate the historic Brittany triangle road block that secured the protection of significant culturally important territories from mass clear cut logging in (date?)

  • 2-3 day camping event at Henry's crossing includes cultural events, activities, and community dinners

Dandzex ʔIza (September) The month of the humpback salmon

Teztan Biny Gathering: Healing Camp: To promote healthy on the land activities and forms of healing with and for our traditional territories

  • 2-3 day camping event at Teztan Biny, traditional harvesting and cooking activities, activities on the land, community meals provided for portions of the camp.

Benen Nats'ih (October) The windy month

Lhatsass'in Memorial: To honor the ancestors before us who were trailed and hung following the historic Tsilhqot'in War, which defended and upheld all Tsilhqot'in 'jurisdiction' to our territories.

  • One day gathering hosted each year by Tsilhqot'in National Government 

  • Location is TBA each year

Turkey Shoot: To encourage positive and safe competition for shooting accuracy in the community that celebrates community hunters 

  • Open to everyone, age group categories, male/female categories, monies added, community dinner to follow

Benen Lhiz-Qwen-Yex Ts'enish (November) The  month they move into underground houses

Gwelu Za (December) The  month of ice

For further details on an event that interests you, please contact XGFNG closer to the scheduled date for more information.

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