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XGFNG Nenqay Department

Our Vision

The Xeni Gwet’in Nenqay Department works to protect, restore and enhance the integrity of nenqay, to ensure that the Tŝilhqot’in continue to be effective stewards of the lands, waters, animals, and plants for generations to come. 


Our Mandate

The Xeni Gwet’in Nenqay Department exercises our inherent rights and responsibilities as nènqàyní. As part of the XGFNG, we steward the waters, lands, plants, and animals, including the spirit that bonds us all with these sacred places as our ʔEsggidam before us. 

Our Focus

The Nenqay Deparment is involved in a variety of nenqay-related work. Here are the 9 main Nenqay Department initiatives that we are currently focusing on: 

  • Watershed Management

  • Tin Towh (Forestry)

  • Nen Ch'eh (Land Code)

  • Nenqay Use Plan (NUP)

  • Tenure Management

  • Access Management

  • Range Management (within Xeni)

  • Wildlife Planning

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