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2020 Graduation Ceremony

School District No. 27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin)


640 Carson Drive, Williams Lake, BC V2G 1T3

Phone:250-392-6284 Fax: 250-392-3362

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the format for the Graduation 2020 Commencement Ceremony has been reimagined. Taking into consideration the health and safety of our graduates, their families and our staff we need to consider a ceremony to commemorate the accomplishments of the graduates all the while maintaining the physical distancing protocols for public safety. The new plan is reflective of the current recommendations of the Provincial Health Authority banning any gatherings over 50 people. The plans have also changed to take into consideration feedback received.

New plan: (Revised May 19th)

Graduation Ceremonies will be held at the Williams Lake Campus Thursday, June 18 and Friday June 19, 2020. The best option seems to be a combination of an outdoor marshalling area with an individualized/family oriented indoor ceremony as we are currently facing a ban on any gatherings over 50 people. Grad is scheduled for June 18th and 19th which is 1 week later to access the best opportunity for the least restrictive physical distancing protocols being in place and hopefully better weather.

Ceremonies would be conducted in 4 groupings or approximately 50 Grads each. Students and immediate families would be given a day and general time to go through the ceremony. Thursday, June 18 (12:00-2:00pm) or (4:00-6:00pm). Friday, June 19 (12:00-2:00pm) or (4:00-6:00pm). Families must maintain physical distancing protocols in the parking lot while they wait in or very near their cars. The parking lot holds 120 cars so we will be able to easily space out graduates and families. Graduates are asked to show up approximately 30 minutes before their scheduled time so they do not need to be waiting in the parking lot for hours. Water will be provided as needed. A specific date and time will follow, call the school at 392-6284 if you have specific date and time needs.

The general ceremony will consist of a walk through scenario. The student graduate and their immediate family (max 8 people) will park and wait in the main parking lot until called upon for their ceremony. Students can wear their graduation regalia, cap and gowns, or their grad dresses, suits or tuxedos. Caps and Gowns will be provided once students arrive on site, they can choose to wear them or not. LCSS Staff will act as marshals to ensure the movement of people occurs in a timely and orderly manner. Large tents have been donated by Rotary to accommodate for shade and inclement weather conditions as families wait to enter the building once called upon. Cleaning of all high contact areas in the school will continue throughout the ceremony.

The formal ceremony will take place in the WL Commons. We shifted to the Commons so that we can better address the possibility of bad weather, overnight security and hopefully decorate the area to better reflect a traditional graduation setting. When called upon student graduates and families will walk from the parking lot to the front of the building where they will wait to enter the building. Graduates will be called down the main stairway (elevator available if needed) and directed to the stage area to receive their graduation certificate. Families can walk with their graduate the whole way except when the graduate moves to the stage area, family members can take photos and observe in the lower Commons area. Once the student graduate walks across the stage and receives their certificate they will then exit the stage to be met by their family and exit the building by the lower exit towards the field and the side stairway back to their vehicle. The elevator will be made available for people requiring the use. As in the past graduates will have their Graduation resume (biography) and scholarship information read out while they cross the stage.

The professional photographer will be present to take photos as each grad receives their certificate. We are planning on staff to be present to video record each student’s walk up and individual ceremony. We are planning that a keep sake video will be able to be produced documenting all 4 groupings and will be made available to all grads.

Speeches will be prepared and sent to each graduate electronically. A printed copy of the valedictorian speech will be given to each graduate with their certificate. No long speeches will be conducted, except the acknowledgement of traditional Shuswap lands.

The front of the school will be cleaned, painted and prepared to be as fitting as possible for hosting the graduation ceremony.

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