Provincial Campfire, Category 2 & Category 3 Open Fire Ban

As of June 30, 2021 there is a provincial campfire, category 2 & category 3 open fire ban (including Declared Title Land). In addition to campfires, Category 2, and Category 3 open fires, the following activities are also prohibited:

  • The use of fireworks

  • The use of sky lanterns

  • The use of burn barrels or burn cages of any size or description

  • The use of binary exploding targets

  • The use of tiki and similar kinds of torches

  • The use of Chimineas

  • The use of outdoor stoves or other portable campfire apparatus without a CSA or ULC rating

  • The use of air curtain burners in Cariboo, Coastal, Northwest, Prince George, and Southeast Fire Centres

For more information please see click on the link and pdf file:

21 Provincial campfire prohibition June 30
Download PDF • 130KB

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